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Report Management Update

Updated: Oct 4, 2022


The Report Management table and controls have been materially updated to provide great visibility and control of all user-scheduled reports.


Brands and agencies have historically taken advantage of Localtouch's robust reporting capabilities, but it was too challenging to manage at scale for hundreds or thousands of locations. This release is part of our overall effort to focus just as much on user "quality of experience" as the underlying capabilities.


The report table interface has been rebuilt to provide:

  • Search by report name or recipient (user name or email)

  • Direct download of all reports

  • Easy visibility of recipients initials/avatars/names

  • Filters for type of report and applied filter

  • The more recent report date (either create or edit)

  • Additional controls for editing or deleting

What's Next

We'll be updating the additional controls to add a "clone" feature that makes it easier to create a series of reports. The download file will also be updated to provide all facets for all reports.


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