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Our tool offers many functions that can help you in different scenarios and areas. Among others in the areas of: Customer Relation, Branch Marketing, Customer Reviews, Social Media and Data Quality


Contraction of the platforms

Our tool can pull together reviews from a wide variety of platforms and map them into a single pipeline. This has the advantage that reviews can be processed efficiently and the reputation can be monitored holistically.


Efficient maintenance of customer reviews

All customer reviews are collected in a pipeline. These can then be processed automatically or manually with templates.


Increase your reach

The maintenance of the locations not only has the positive effect that customers are managed, but these activities are also rewarded by Google with better visibility and thus more traffic .


Google Business Profile and Facebook manage beach locations 


With our tool you can manage your Google, Facebook and Booking locations. These can be managed individually or in large quantities. (Upload photos, edit payment methods, name, descriptions, etc.).

Google My Business Posting

Google Business Profile and Facebook bulk posting

Address customers directly in the search results via Google and Facebook posts.  

Share updates, offers, events and COVID-19 posts to educate and engage customers - promoting website visits, phone calls and walk-in customers.


Q&A response

Customers have the opportunity to ask questions on Google.  These are collected in the tool and can be processed.


Bulk editing of locations

Easily identify opportunities and then quickly optimise each element (individually or in large quantities) to stand out from less savvy competitors. Downloading the audit with just the click of a button reveals every missing opportunity.


Reports on reputation and traffic

Our tool also has a powerful reporting function. Not only the traffic can be measured and compared, but also the reputation and how branches rank among themselves. These reports can also be sent automatically as an email.


Escalation process

You have full control over your reputation, whether you respond to reviews yourself or work with our response service. Together we can set an escalation system for your reviews, triggering timely responses and perhaps even winning the customer back.

Not bad, is it? You get many functions and solutions in a single tool. But the best part is that you can take advantage of all this at a good price! 

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